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Our 3 Keys to Selecting a Realtor or Lender.

One of the most frequent questions our firm receives is, “What should I look for in an agent or lender?”. We work with a wide variety of Realtors & lenders that choose to run their businesses in dramatically different ways. However, our advice is always consistent. For this reason, it seemed like a good idea to write a quick ‘blog’ with my top 3 professional characteristics.

1) They embrace technology:

The real estate world is moving quickly and the professional you decide to work with should embrace technology. Submitting offers, contracts and documents can be an efficient process. In a competitive market, waiting to get signatures can cause anxious buyers to miss the property they want.

2) They welcome accessibility:

Our days are no longer revolving around a 9-5/Monday-Friday schedule. We have commitments, obligations and requirements that demand our time. A respectful working relationship between a lender/Realtor & client can run smoothly when both parties are accessible to each other. We pass out our cell phones/direct lines & think it is important that Realtors and lenders do the same.

3) They value your transaction:

No matter how many transactions they have completed, they make you feel like an important client to them. You are about to make a decision that will have long-lasting effects on your household, the professionals you surround yourself with should provide you with exceptional value. This value can come in many ways; working with a neighborhood expert, certified specialist or a close referral. Make sure your expectations are met throughout the transaction.

Clearly, Realtors and lenders should be exceptional experts in their fields, and they are. They are working each day to perfect their crafts & there are more items that could be added to this list. These three key professional characteristics are just a starting point, from our point of view to get started finding the right professional. Good luck!!


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