Our local Registries of Deeds are taking precautionary steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Most of them are strongly recommending an electronic recording, when possible.

Below is the current status of each Registry.  Please contact Harris & Murphy, LLP with any questions. 

As of May 27th



We are aware of closures and limited access throughout Massachusetts. Our goal is to provide continued excellent support during this challenging situation. 


That being said, we would like to provide an update, as well as information for your convenience. Massachusetts registries are working diligently to provide online access and limit the spread of COVID-19.  


Harris & Murphy, LLP has worked with their title companies to obtain a GAP COVERAGE policy with owner’s title insurance. The policy has no limitation on the size of the policy, due to the closure of a Registry of Deeds in the event that documents cannot be recorded immediately after the closing.


Please watch this informative video by CATIC to see how dhow gap coverage works. Click here to see the video.


Please click here to see a sample attached Gap Indemnity.



Governor Baker's new bill means that the smoke certificate would become the buyer's responsibility within 90 days of the State of Emergency being lifted. This would be at the cost of the buyer as well as the buyer would have to agree to take on the responsibility. That is where this will get tricky. Most likely it will be a good idea, and a sign of good faith, that the seller credit the buyer with the cost to inspect at the time of closing. The buyer may require that the seller also provide evidence that they bought and installed the correct smoke/co detectors as well, or the seller could do that on their own to make the buyer more comfortable with taking on this responsibility. Some buyers may take on the responsibility on their own, but others may want the extra added assurance before taking on the burden. We are working on drafting an agreement which will state that it is the buyer's responsibility to do this whenever a smoke/co certificate has not been obtained in time for closing, for any of our closings where a certificate was unable to be obtained. 


Harris & Murphy, LLP is working each day to provide an updated reference for Registry of Deeds closures and statuses. That being said, these statuses are subject to change. It is our goal to provide the most accurate information possible, but encourage you to use our COVID-19 page on our website as a resource. We will also be providing our clients with continual updated, direct communication regarding the status of your transaction. Harris & Murphy, LLP is certified to conduct e-recording, when available.  The ability to e-record is based on registry availability and is also based on the circumstances of each transaction.

We will work to provide continued updates via email, social media and through the dedicated section of our website. Thank you for trusting Harris & Murphy, LLP, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

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